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How To Calculate A True Inbound Shipping Cost

Inbound shipping to the Amazon warehouses are a part of your COG. Many times you end up paying more than you think to ship an item in to the warehouse because of dimensional weight.

Dimensional weight is basically how much room the item takes up regardless of weight ( think cubic inches).  Most people have the basic knowledge that big, light items cost a bunch to ship but they don’t usually take it much farther than than.  Depending on the product, this “hidden” cost could total wreck your profit margins.

You could manually calculate this but there is a new Chrome extension that can easily do it for you. ( actually this extension has 2 uses. It was designed to help you determine the dimensional weight of shipping boxes.  You would want to put at least the dimensional weight worth of product into every box you are shipping in to maximum your shipping costs)

I made a video that explains this better and shows how to use it when you are sourcing to make better buying decisions

You can get the Chrome extension by going here:

Sourcing From Amazon To Sell On eBay

Amazon is a really big retailer and as such, they are a good source of products to resell on eBay. They are really no different from Walmart or any other big box store when to finding product to resell. Well actually, they are better.

First you can shop on line, which is a big plus. Second, they deliver it right to you door. Third, the products are new ( they don’t have the clearance box wear or tags to be removed) And finally, you can use online tools and alerts to be notified when Amazon is in stock or lowers the price on a product.

In the video below, I show an example of how you can source from Amazon and exactly the products sells for more on eBay ( usually FBA is considered the best place to get the highest sales price, but not this time)