How To Make $519 On Amazon FBA By Sourcing Five Below With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is all the rage now, but guess what?

It was actually made to use as a currency and not just buying and selling it when it goes up.

In this post I will show you how to make $519 right now sourcing from Five Below and using Bitcoin to make it work.

( this is more about the process, not exactly this exact product ( while it is a good one) , but I bet nobody that sees this will actually buy this product because they think everyone else will)

First things first, you are going to need to get some Bitcoin.

The one of the safest sites for doing that is Coinbase.

Now it isn’t exactly a quick process and when I did it, some credit cards just didn’t work ( lots of people signing up now, so it is just swamped)

If  you go through this link, you get $10 after you buy your first $100 if Bitcoin .

Actually the way we would want to do this is to play on Bitcoins volitity. We need $125 worth of Bitcoin for this. It doesn’t matter the price of Bitcoin. It could be $11k a coin or $10 a coin, we are going to use $125 to buy Bitcoins. ( I hope you grasp this, because it is important)

Hold on this is more important. Timing is everything.

If you buy $125 worth of coin at $11k a coin and the price drops to $9k a coin, you are going to need more Bitcoins to be worth $125, but…if you buy at $9k and the price rises to $11k, it takes less Bitcoin to make $125, so we would have a little Bitcoin leftover after this trade.

This type of fluctuation happens everyday and if you time it right, it can add to you ROI. At the very least you should try not to wait too long after buying your Bitcoin to do the deal for the gift cards if you don’t want volatility to cause you problems

Next we are going to go to Bitify ( and you though you were getting great deals on Raise)

We are looking at this listing

Now I know this seem fishy but look at the rating of the seller. I don’t claim to know how he gets these or why he sells so cheap. ( I would suggest only buying form highly rated sellers)

We are going to buy $500 of gift card to Five Below for $125 worth of Bitcoin ( actually it is costing us $115 since we got the $10 bonus. Also there are fees involved that I am not using in the calculations but we should be pretty close)

Now these are just codes, not cards, so we have to buy online from Five Below.

The product I chose will sell super fast ( 2k sales rank)

These are $5 each so we are going to order 100 ( I am not taking sales tax into account, you can use tax exempt locally but I don’t know about online)

These sell for $13.49 which returns $6.34 a unit.

So we will get $634 after selling all 100 units. From that we will subtract the $125 out ( actually $115 since we had the $10 bonus), which gives us $519 profit.

I chose to show a product that is actually profitable if you were going to buy it with cash, but here is the thing, there are other product that are like 800 sales rank ( more of these Skylanders), that if you run the numbers, it looks like they return less than the $5 COG after fees, but if you are paying $.25 on the $1 for gift cards like in this deal, it is actually very profitable ( and the competition stays away)

So this is just one example of how to us Bitcoin for FBA sourcing. I actually have an older post up about using another site called Purse.

So while people brag about the 100% return that they made in the last month by buying and selling Bitcoin, by actually using Bitcoin, we could easily make 500% in the same month with very little risk by turning Bitcoin into physical products to sell on Amazon.

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