Tips For Making Money Selling Online

How To Sell Tanked Products For A Profit

Sometimes we make buying mistakes.  It happens to everyone at one time or another.  Too many other people find the great deal to and then the supply rises and the price tanks as everyone is trying to unload inventory.

There are other platforms to sell on besides Amazon and if you are willing to do a little extra work ( your competition probably won’t) you can turn the potential loss into a profit.

Here is a current product that has been tanked and I don’t see a chance that the price will rise anytime soon.  The buy cost for most people was $25 and it is selling for $37, which currently is about $3 profit before inbound shipping ( and there is 47 sellers right now (expect more) )

D’Addario NS Electric Traditional Bass String Set, 3/4 Scale, Medium Tension

Most people thought they could sell for about $100-$125 but Amazon is sitting at $87, so that won’t be happening even if the lowballers are cleared out.

In this video, I show how I would try to turn this potential loss into a profit. ( Warning, this takes a little work )

I have also posted a couple of my older videos on how I have done this in the past myself.


Here is an old example of how I did this on one of my buying mistakes

Here is another example of how to beat the race to the bottom by going over seas ( the price did come back on these though) and in this case how to even make more than you could have on Amazon FBA