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Learn How To Sell Used Board Games On Amazon FBA

I spend a lot of time helping people learn how to make money on Amazon. I have to admit that I get very frustrated. People really don’t want the truth. They want you to tell them to watch Keepa all day or buy the bolos posted in free groups. The truth is that there are people that do this for a living and they know how to really make money.  Buying and selling used board games an example of that and   is a really good way to make money that doesn’t have the competition that you find on lower ROI products that sell on Amazon.

I recommend picking up Stephen Smotherman’s book, The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games: How to Turn Play Money into Real Money. Why? Well he does this full time. He makes a living buying and selling profitable products. If you want to succeed, you should listen to people that have figured out what works and learn from them.

In his book, he teaches you step by step everything that you need to know on how to source, prep and sell board games.  He also gives you info on how to find out how many piece are suppose to be there and how to find missing pieces ( which you could reverse and part them out yourself if you have incomplete games).

You could waste your time trying to figure all this out yourself and searching for hours on the internet or you could just find out everything you need to know in one place.  ( One game will literally pay back the cost of this training)

I posting some of the games I have to send in right now and I hope you get the picture

These all cost me $1.99 to $2.99 from GW
















So I am offering to give you a 1/2 off promo code to my Udemy course, Sourcing Amazon FBA Replenishables ( about a $50 value)
After purchasing, email me ( )  a screen shot of the receipt and I will send you the promo code.

Here is the link to go through:

The idea is that I want to show people how to make at least enough to cover what it cost for the training product. (Actually I was hoping to show how to make 100x the cost) I see this as a win-win for everyone.