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Organic Marketing For Merch By Amazon T Shirts

“Welcome to Merch By Amazon!”

Now what?

How do I get sales?

Facebook ads? Pinterest? Instagram?

Everyone is scrambling to figure it out.

Here is what I know about Facebook ads for Merch:

0 , zero, zip, nada

Going Old School

I want to present a totally different idea for marketing Merch tee shirts that I haven’t heard anyone talking about that I have seen happen with my own t shirt designs.

I can’t prove that this works but I think if you follow my thought process you might buy into how this can work.

Niches Baby, It Is All About Niches

Everyone wants to jump into the big niches that have hundreds of the same design or saying. You have seen it, 3 pages of the exact same shirts.

Or people trying to jump onto the current events. Really? How long does current stay current?

So what should you focus on?

Small, unreached niches.

Unreached niches?

Think about it, How many knitting fan t shirts are there? ( ok there are a lot of them on AZ so not a great example, but have you tried to find on at Walmart or your local mall?)

In general, odd hobbies or interests are not going to be found locally.

So say your mom is a big time knitter and you want to get her a shirt for her birthday. You are going to have to go to Amazon to buy one because the sales numbers for those shirts are too low for other retailers ( other than other print on demand t shirt companies) to manufacture them.
So now let’s move on to an example of how I see this working.

Case Example

So first I want to choose a niche that I believe this will work in a little different way.

I chose the niche dental hygienist.

When was the last time you saw a dental hygienist t shirt in the store?

Probably never.

But……there are a lot of dental hygienists out there.

I did a quick search to see how many searches does Amazon have a month for dental hygienist t shirt


Wow, less than 100 a month.

Most people are moving on right now. ( not me, I wouldn’t mind selling 100 t shirts a month but 100 search would lead to less than 100 sales)

So let’s look at another search


Dental hygienist gift

211,000 searches a month

That is really good and I shouldn’t have used it because it won’t prove my point but you have a great keyword right there.

So let’s just forget about about that but hint, hint, the word “gift” seems to be something we should be adding to any niche search terms.

Ok, let’s get straight on this.

We know there are a crap load of dental hygienist out there. We also know that you can’t buy a t shirt for one at just about any other place except Amazon. And finally, we know that less than 100 searches are done looking just for “ dental hygienist t shirt” ( that last one sounds so unpromising )

Organic Marketing For Merch By Amazon T Shirts

Why would I want to make a dental hygienist t shirt and why do I think I can sell any of them?


Currently the sales rank of this shirt is #385,476, which if you look at FBA Toolkit, that says that it is selling about 1 shirt every 4 day, so 7 or 8 a month.

Not killing it but remember that the term “dental hygienist “ is only being searched less than 100 times a month and there are a few other designs to chose from on Amazon.

Now here comes the secret sauce ( hold on tight)

Now say someone order one of these dental hygienist t shirts and say it is really a cool shirt. Now they wear it to work in the dental office and their co workers think it is a cool shirt too.

What is going to happen?

They are going to say, “ That is a cool shirt. Where did you find it? “ and they answer “ On Amazon”

Amazon is easy to remember and easy to access. It wasn’t like they said, “I found it at a flea market in Alaska”

So now you have a walking billboard to your t shirt.

Nobody sells dental hygienist t shirts locally and there is this person where it around the office.

There is a good chance that their co workers might order some of the shirts too.

Now imagine that every month the same thing happens. 7 or 8 t shirt get ordered and then you have the walking billboard showing it off around the office.

Next then you know 7 turns into 15, then into 25.

Notice I haven’t said anything about paid promotions?

I think the term is “ organic sales

Here is the thing. Merch hasn’t been around very long. People haven’t taken notice of the whole organic sales thing yet. Too busy trying to make a current event, hashtag shirt. Too busy trying to copy the best selling shirts.

Now fast forward to Q4.

You are the dentist. You are having an office Christmas party. You need to buy a gift for everyone in the group.

Hey there is that cool shirt that Suzy Q has been wear once a week all year on casual Friday.

A quick Amazon shirt shows the shirt and you can visually recognize the shirt ( no need for the perfect keywords because you know the shirt you are looking for)

You place an order for 12 shirts and go about your day.

Organic sales and nobody has been thinking of this.


Just think about every different job or hobby that isn’t represented. That is a shit load of niches. Make the cool shirt and then sit back and let the magic happen over time ( remember that once the shirt is up, it is there forever to make you money)