Sourcing From Amazon To Sell On eBay

Amazon is a really big retailer and as such, they are a good source of products to resell on eBay. They are really no different from Walmart or any other big box store when to finding product to resell. Well actually, they are better.

First you can shop on line, which is a big plus. Second, they deliver it right to you door. Third, the products are new ( they don’t have the clearance box wear or tags to be removed) And finally, you can use online tools and alerts to be notified when Amazon is in stock or lowers the price on a product.

In the video below, I show an example of how you can source from Amazon and exactly the products sells for more on eBay ( usually FBA is considered the best place to get the highest sales price, but not this time)

Sourcing And Selling DVDs On eBay That Can’t Be Sold On Amazon

For most people, selling DVDs on Amazon is not a possibility due to the fact that DVD is a gated category, but there is a lot of money to be made on selling DVDs. This is why you need to look at selling DVDs on eBay,

You are not looking at selling just they average DVDs that you find at Goodwill for $1, but brand new DVDs ( sets are great) that you source from Amazon

Amazon does some crazy pricing on products and that is when you need to buy them from Amazom and flip them to eBay.

In this video a show a trick that uses Keepa and sourcing from ( Canada yeh). I had $7 in a DVD sets that I sold for $40 on eBay.


How To Figure Out Profit On Amazon FBA

If you are doing online arbitrage, you need to know how to figure out how much profit you can make on the products that you are thinking of sourcing.

There is a tool call the Calculator Widget which is a Chrome extension that pulls up the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

You can also go there by using this link:

The simple equation is: Sales price – Amazon fee – COG  ( and you should figure in some inbound shipping) = Profit

You really need to use the calculator because it will tell you the Amazon fees.  It is not a set %, so you need to know exactly what Amazon is going to charge you  on the item.

Now if you have a minimum return you are trying to make % wise, you would figure that after running it through the calculator.

The video below show how to use the calculator