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AMZ Repricer Enhanced: The Chrome Extension That Provides The Missing Features To The Amazon Built In Repricer

Love repricers or hate repricers, as a Amazon FBA seller, repricers are a fact of life. Sellers may disagree on the use of a repricer and which one is best, but the one thing all sellers can agree on is that they don’t like paying for a repricer.

I for one was a doubter and avoided using one for a long time. I got a free trial of Bqool and my sales spiked for the first day or 2 ( this is very common if you have never used one).

I made several mistakes setting it up and probably didn’t actually get the full use of my free trial ( ok don’t laugh but I left the Max price out and guess what, it doesn’t work without a Max price)

I honestly wasn’t a fan of it and paying for the repricer wasn’t what I wanted to do ( and Amazon was rumored to be coming out with their own built in one, so I just went without until it was released.)

Immediately the Facebook groups had a ton of negative posts about the Amazon repricer. “It drops the price to you Minimum “, “It doesn’t price up”, etc.

( proof it prices up ^^^^^^)

To be honest, it sounded scary but I have learned not to trust what you hear in Facebook groups, so I decided to test it for myself.

The first big problem was that Amazon just built it and didn’t really provide much training on it. Seems like I saw a non public video or two on how to set it up but basically there wasn’t any real “training” for the theory of how to set it up or use it.

I spent some time learning how to make it do what everyone in the Facebook groups swore it couldn’t do ( basically they either just didn’t understand or were just so stuck in their beliefs that they would never change)

I did privately teach a few other FBA sellers how to use it but at some point my youngest son wanted to know how to use to to boost his sales and I basically wrote a little how to ebook for him.

I actually turned that little ebook into to a public ebook and released it.

It flopped!

Most people didn’t want hear that they were wasting $100 or $200 a month on a software that they didn’t need. I had people in Facebook groups telling me I was an idiot and a scam, but to be fair I did get several private messages telling me how it worked so good and thanks for sharing.

So while I still believe it is the best choice for small sellers or people that don’t like to waste money, there are some weakness to it.

In my ebook I sort of showed a work around for most of them ( multiple tabs, mental math, coded MSKUs, etc) but now there is a new Chrome extension called AMZRepricerEnhanced that actually adds in what was missing.

I believe the current price is $99 a year which compared to $100-$200 a month is a steal.

While I won’t repost everything I wrote in the ebook on how to set it up ( that would make a massive post) I want to go over what AMZRepricerEnhanced adds to the Amaozn built in repricer.

It adds the Buy Cost which is then used to figure out your profit ( or loss) . It is sort of like the Amazon fee calculator extension or fee calculator web page. This can be uploaded via a CSV or from Inventory Lab.

This is important. You need to know where you are at when you set your Minimum prices. In my case I was using a coded MSKU and some mental math to guess on this.

Then it has the Buy Box prices.

I was flipping between tabs trying to find this.

Then there is a Stats area. It gives your profit and how many you have in stock. Once again I would have had to flip among tabs to figure this out.

It does have a Tags section that while I personally probably wouldn’t use this, I am sure other people would especially if they have other people working for them.

In total, if you add these new features from the AMZRepricerEnhanced Chrome Extension, you now have basically everything that the $100-$200 repricers have, which puts good repricing in the hands of small Amazon sellers ( and frugal bigger sellers) for a very low price.

**** You still need to know how to use it, but here is a little secret for those that have read this far in the post. I have the ebook for sell on Amazon Kindle for $15.99 but I actually got a beta copy of the extension in exchange for allowing the AMZRepricerEnhanced people to give out a free copy of my ebook during the free 7 day trial that they offer.

So to sum it up, YES the Amazon repricer works just as good (or better than the costly repricers ( hint hint it repricers more often since it part of the AZ system) but it does have some features that are missing that would make it easier to use.

With that said, you still need to understand how to set it and you should sign up for the free 7 day trial to at least get my ebook for free ( actually I bet you stick with the extension too once you see a bump in sales) but if you aren’t using any repricer and choose to just do it manually as I show in my ebook, you should see a big boost in your sales.